Louis + Ronke Are Expecting TWINS!

South Norfolk Maternity Shoot

We all know that Mom and her baby are the stars of the show when it comes to a maternity session, but there’s no denying the sweetness of having the entire family in the frame, too. Expecting twins in March (or sooner), this family certainly had so much be excited about. We love capturing the raw, candid moments between parents and siblings, and pressing pause on a moment in time that would otherwise go by so quickly and without preservation!

South Norfolk Maternity Shoot

Our shoot with Ronke and the rest of her family – including Louis Sr., and their 2 children, Farrah and Louis Jr. – offered lots of those moments. The session took place last weekend at Lakeside Park in Chesapeake, VA and it was a non-stop shutter clicking extravaganza! 

About including their current kiddos in the shoot, Ronke and Louis Sr. said, “Be prepared with snacks and know what weather you will be photographed in”

SO TRUE! We are so excited for your growing family, you two. Thanks for letting me step into your world for a moment! 

South Norfolk Maternity Shoot

And then if that wasn’t enough cuteness and beauty, Ronke invited us to her home for part two of the session, A MATERNITY MILK BATH! Are you excited as we are for this reveal?


Seriously, for the last few days we’ve been obsessed with going through all the images from this shoot. There were so many incredible shots to choose from, and narrowing down what we wanted to post here was incredibly difficult. But alas, we’ve done it! Check it out!

South Norfolk Maternity Shoot

We  added some texture and color to the images by incorporating flowers from our friends at Greenbrier Florist and we just love how the pictures turned out! 

“I loved it! Everything turned out perfect” Ronke said about the shoot. Ha! We couldn’t agree more!

South Norfolk Maternity Shoot

Thanks for working with us to create such beautiful images, Ronke, and here’s to a wonderful future for you and yours! 

Ronny and Reggie Smart

Ronny Smart

Hi, I'm Ronny! I love ice cream, bubble wrap and parties. What I love most about photography is being able to capture the moment as I see it. Between Reggie and I, we have different styles and that is what makes us the perfect husband and wife combo. I capture the little details you may miss and he captures the moment. I love being able to work alongside my best friend everyday and also being able to be creative. Photography is what I love and its nice to do what I love with whom I love.