Aareana "Pink" Campbell: SmartShot Vendor Spotlight

All things beauty, this vendor is always on beat! Aareana "Pink" Campbell has been passionate about the beauty industry since she was about 16 years old when she was diagnosed with Alopecia Areata, a condition in which her hair does not grow. With this, she wanted everyone else around her to feel as beautiful as she found herself to be. She did hair and nails for family & friends for years. She decided to finally pursue that passion professionally in 2011, when she graduated from beauty school @ Rudy & Kelly Paul Mitchell Partner School in VA Beach and became a licensed cosmetologist. She is sort of a Jill of all trades... offering an array of makeup, hair and nail services...from custom fashion color, Balayage highlights, relaxers, blowouts, natural hair & braids. As well as acrylic nails, manicures & pedicures.

What makes Pink unique is her unmatched attention to detail and her dedication to her client. On engagement shoots and wedding days, Pink is there from start to finish, always making sure the bride is camera ready at all times. She is super punctual, passionate and educated about what she does and SmartShot is proud to work with her.

Check her out on:

Instagram: @pinkthestylist

Facebook: Aareana-Pink- Hair and Nail Artist

Blog: www.twocolorstwicecreative.blogspot.com

StyleSeat: www.styleseat.com/aareanapink

Ronny Smart

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