Lamar & Quanetra

The one that got away came back! A careless middle school crush was reintroduced with the help of friends and family to spawn a meant to be match! 


Quanetra and Lamar always knew of one another but they did not always know that they were made for each other. Social media soon reminded Lamar of what he was missing, Quanetra. At a mutual friend’s birthday party, Lamar got the chance to reignite a dormant flame with Quanetra. From then on, they have been falling for each other ever since.


On a tropical vacation with friends and family, Lamar knew that Quanetra was the one he could not bear to live without. It is during this special vacation that he asked Quanetra to be his one and only forever and ever.


The cutest couple you will ever meet will say “I do” on September 17th, 2016. Reggie and I share the pleasure of watching this beautiful love story unfold.

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Ronny Smart

Hi, I'm Ronny! I love ice cream, bubble wrap and parties. What I love most about photography is being able to capture the moment as I see it. Between Reggie and I, we have different styles and that is what makes us the perfect husband and wife combo. I capture the little details you may miss and he captures the moment. I love being able to work alongside my best friend everyday and also being able to be creative. Photography is what I love and its nice to do what I love with whom I love.