3 Key Benefits of getting a Professional Headshot

Award winning business leader, entrepreneur, pastor, mentor, counselor, coach & innovative visionary, Ivory Morgan-Burton.

Award winning business leader, entrepreneur, pastor, mentor, counselor, coach & innovative visionary, Ivory Morgan-Burton.

In today’s world we are surrounded by endless visuals like never before. Photographs and videos are plastered everywhere on social media.  If such visuals are key elements to our personal lives and corporate businesses, shouldn’t it also be essential and beneficial in our professional life? Here are 3 key benefits of getting a professional headshot:

1. The Professional You

Your headshot represents the first impression and introduction of yourself. Social media sites such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook have recruiters that are trying to discover your new talent and ambitions. Often recruiters will scope out their potential prospects in advance to get a feel for what you’re all about. It’s smart to go that extra mile and have a polished headshot. In doing such it will  represent you and makes for a positive impression on anyone who has, or is going to discover your profile. In the long run it is crucial to think about the impression that you’re trying to give off and how your headshot will represent your personal branding that is being built.

2. Branding

You want to represent your best self at all times. Professional headshots and personal headshots should be a representation of your style and personality that you want to reflect.  Keep the background selection in mind whether you’re at a particular location or in a studio. It’s best to stay away from backgrounds that resemble your skin tone too closely because this can make your headshot clash as a whole and distract away from your face. Such colors aren’t appealing to the eye and provide a poor visual representation of yourself. When working with a professional photographer they can help you personalize and find your style that you would like to portray and can provide insight on appropriate visual aesthetics, locations, and  lighting. 

3. Be Prepared

What is the first thing that people see when they come to your profile? You guessed it, your avatar or in other words your profile picture. Having an updated headshot is not only crucial, but beneficial to you.. Your employer could ask for a headshot so that they can post it to their website. In doing such it could be because of a blog, or because of announcements or maybe even some type of press release/Marketing. Headshots can be asked for within a short notice. Keeping this in mind you want to make sure that you are always prepared and that you have a headshot that represents yourself at all times.